Fast Weight Loss OR Sustainable Lifestyle change?
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Fast Weight Loss OR Sustainable Lifestyle change?

Which diet is trending? There is a myriad of diet plans or eating patterns people adopt to lose weight. Over a time period, many diet plans have been evolved: keto, intermittent fasting, low carbohydrates, high protein, vegan, vegetarian, paleo…the list goes on. Nowadays, we look for quick fixes to lose weight. Even when we achieve the goal, we go back to our original lifestyle & gain back the lost pounds. There are particular diets for people who have a deficiency or medically have diagnosed disease. If you are a healthy person with weight problems, you need to look deep into your lifestyle rather than following a fad diet.

The road to weight loss starts with the belief and confidence in oneself to make micro habit changes. Once this mindset is achieved then the journey to attain the goal of weight loss becomes easier. It is important to set realistic and achievable goals to lose weight rather than losing ten pounds in two weeks. Change just one unhealthy habit and be consistent.

Start by making a checklist of daily food consumed. This will help you identify calorie-dense food — patties, pastries, burgers, fries, or any processed food. These types of food give high energy with no nourishment. Gradually add nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, beans, seeds, and low-fat dairy. Try to swap sugary food with fruits, croissants with whole wheat bread, soda with herb-infused water. Include all five food types protein, grains, vegetables, fruit & dairy in your daily meals. One simple rule is to start your meal with fruits and vegetables, then grains, if still hungry then move to meat. It is important to have meals on regular timings with small snacks to avoid overeating. In social outings enjoy the meal served in controlled portions.

Once you become a mindful eater, conscious of food intake and exercise, you will see and feel a gradual change in yourself. This change will be in both your appearance and how you feel about yourself.

A physical change will be noticeable in twelve weeks. This is also the time required for your taste buds to change from high sugar, sodium food patterns. This requires patience and consistency without starving and craving for food.

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