Using Gloves- The Do’s and Don’ts

With rising need in PPE equipment, gloves have also become highly in demand due to the persisting COVID and although we have come a long way, the virus is not over yet. In this article, we will tell you about when to use gloves and when they are not necessary.

When Gloves are a Yes

For Cleaning

You want to disinfect your house then yes you need to grab the gloves before you get to work. You can never be too careful because you cannot be sure the last person who visited you carried the virus or not so disinfecting the house is important. Get good ventilation, then take off, and throw away the gloves after use. Wash your hands thoroughly.

For Caring for Someone Sick

Your family member got COVID and you need to care for them then gloves are a need for you. Or if you are in a health care setting then you must have gloves.

Choose disposable gloves for cleaning and disinfecting area around the sick person and for when you risk contacting the infected person’s blood, vomit, or saliva. This is when you take off the gloves and throw them away. Do not think about disinfecting them or reusing them. It is very dangerous. Wash your hand properly after getting rid of the gloves.

When Gloves Are Not Necessary

If you go to an ATM or for shopping then using gloves may not help as much as you might think, they could even be spreading the germs. The best option is to have a sand sanitizer with you and use it frequently. When you get home then wash hands with soap for a full 20 seconds and get into all the corners.

Final Words

Gloves play a part in protecting you from the virus but you must understand when to use them and how otherwise you could be causing more damage unintentionally. Therefore, educating yourself on using things correctly us important.

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