A Guide to Wearing and Cleaning the Face Shield

While face shields may be new to most of us, the healthcare professionals are aware of them as they worked day and night as frontline workers to battle COVID. However, now face shields have become as popular as masks and many people are gravitating towards them. Therefore, it is important to know how to wear them properly and clean them correctly. Read on as we guide you about it all.

Wearing the Face Shield

Face shields are rather easy to wear. Made with a Plexiglas or plastic panel, which curves around your face with an adjustable strap or elastic band that can hold the panel firmly in one place. For maximum protection, you need to ensure that the panel of the face shield must extend past your chin and curve around your face’s sides.  There must not remain any gaps between the forehead and your shield’s headpiece. The best practice is to always wear a mask under the face shield.

Cleaning the Face Shield

If you choose to buy a face shield then it is important to know that you have to clean it well, too after using it to decrease your risk of COVID-19 exposure. You must clean it every time you use it. Here is the process.

Submerge its protective panel in soapy and warm water first. This will get rid of any surface impurities and then you must gently clean its surface with a soft cloth or sponge. Remember; keep a cloth or sponge solely for this cleaning. Then rinse and dry your face shield with a cotton towel. Clean its headpiece separately. Yes, cleaning the face shield with antibacterial wipes is possible, but you must be careful for they can leave some residue. Sanitize the face shield with alcohol wipes. However, if you are thinking about using a household cleaner, then drop the idea. Those cleaners are very harsh and will destroy it.

Using a face shield is a great idea but you must know how to wear and most importantly clean it well. You can follow the process above and get a clean face shield every time.

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