What is Mental health?

A person’s psychological and emotional well-being which enables an individual to carry out life’s daily routine and cope with normal stresses is classified as a person’s sound mental health.

However, not all individuals may be blessed with that capability. There may be a gap when a person feels unable to work productively and contribute effectively to the community.

How Karwan-e-Hayat helps

We provide consultation, hospitalization, medicines and meals at highly subsidized rates or free of cost to 90% of patients being treated.

Our aim is to ensure that patients receive:

  • Quality medication to control symptoms of circumstantial influences or chemical imbalances in the brain;
  • Therapy and counselling to ease the mentally ill patients’ violent behaviour and in many cases, suicidal tendencies; and
  • Rehabilitation to achieve functionality

When a patient walks in to Karwan-e-Hayat, she or he is ensured a sensitive support, keeping in mind the long and arduous journey the patient has undertaken to finally seek medical help.

Karwan-e-Hayat operates from three locations in Karachi:


PCRC, Keamari

The Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Centre (PCRC) is Karwan-e-Hayat’s flagship centre.

Jami Clinic

This is Karwan-e-Hayat’s first OPD clinic that was opened in 1984. It offers OPD and pharmacy services to mentally ill patients.

Korangi Community Psychiatry Centre (KCPC)

The Korangi Community Psychiatry Centre (KCPC) was established in last quarter of 2011 in a collaborative Mental Health Project, with partners like AMAN Foundation, HANDS, PAMH and i-Care Foundation.

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Over 65,000 patients are provided treatment annually at KeH . Most are between the ages of 21

Mental illness is treatable

The Challenge

  • In Pakistan, 15 million people suffer from mental illness

    Mental illness is a treatable illness and needs utmost attention to help people afflicted with it. Worldwide, the economic burden of the illness which affects the global economy is around $2.5 trillion. By 2030, it will increase to $6 t

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Getting Back to Life

In Pakistan,  mental affliction in a family member is a matter of shame.

Karwan-e-Hayat’s initiative has thus been a trail blazing endeavor which has encouraged several thousands to shed societal hurdles and seek medical help. The awareness campaigns undertaken and the medical treatment and support provided by the hospital have not only treated patients but have given a substantial boost to suffering persons, enabling them to lead a successful life.

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