R-NOX is an environmental monitoring company, developing devices, solutions and services for people, industries and smart cities.

The purpose of these monitoring is to provide a basis for a better quality of life, improved people’s safety and better performance, cost savings, environmental protection. Be R-NOX partner means cooperation for scientific progress in the ensuring proper environmental protection and civil protection.

We are looking for partners who share our mission towards sustainable and ecological future to come onboard with us:

– Scientific institutes and ecological organizations – discover new solutions how to reduce air pollution impact on human health, society and environment!

– Industry representatives – control your emission 24/7 – be environmentally friendly!

– Smart cities – increase awareness about air pollution and make your citizens life healthier and safer!

– Business partners – find out how air quality data can grow sales and raise awareness!

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Our eco-partner and nuclear energy consultant. Tests ZIVE in the most radiative places all around the world.

Research partner. In mutual collaboration was created the first interactive Chernobyl online map.

Data analytics partner. Helps to process and visualize large data sets with our devices.

Electronic design and engineering partner. Assists in manufacturing and designing the high quality devices.