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Making the DEEJAY DUNN Videos

I shot this video primarily in Atlanta. Some of the footage came from other places but most of what you see is me doing a wedding party in Buckhead. The people were awesome, they loved it, I loved it, we loved it together.
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Clubs, Private Parties & Weddings

Whatever the occasion or place, if you to spice it with energy and live remixing, as well as classics and charasmatic emceeing, Deejay Dunn has got you covered. With an extensive background in all things party related, Deejay Dunn is an in demand DJ with weekly performances at multiple establishments as well spots for special gigs. And when he's not on stage or a local bar near you, Deejay Dunn is front of his beat machine and computer cranking out the next remix to melt faces at his next performance.
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Music gives me peace

Looking back, it's crazy where I've been and where I'm at now. There was people that NEVER thought I'd be here, doing the things I'm doing, and going the places I am. I was in a fucking box, rotting away, my mind bleeding energy like a dead animal, getting shit on by some assholes that got their rocks off on fucking with people that didn't have a voice back. I did 10 years, a whole ten years, not 7 and I'm calling it 10, no, ten years. I did ten years in a prison cell and look at me now. Energy, charisma and love. Like magic, back from the dead and I never thought I would get the love that I get. And i got music, god and whole lot of family support to thank for all of this, 'cause if it wasn't for you all, I'd be really fucked up right now.
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When I was a kid, my best friend, a heck of a guy he was, gave me the nickname Roach. I obviously hated that name but it stuck and I just embraced it. When I was 20, covered in tattoos as I am, i thought it was a good idea to tattoo KING ROACH across the top of my hands. I regretted this almost immediately, for a variety of reasons but mostly for the ones I'm sure you can imagine.

When I was about 25, and well away from my old best friend and all the people that new me as Roach, I tried to branch away from the nickname altogether. I wouldn't tell anyone my name was Roach, unless they asked the meaning of the tattoos across my hands, in that case I wouldn't shy away from it but it wasn't somthing I would volunteer. And when I started DJing, I really didn't even have a name. I was just trying to make money and didn't put no thought into it. A friend, also the business owner of a place I was working told his customers my name was "DJ Dunn" because Dunn is given name and I rolled with that. Then one night, months later, I'm about to do my biggest show and there was this emcee there. Well we were chilling, talking and he sees my tattoos. I tell him the story, and the next thing I know he is introducing me to the stage with the exact words "A DJ Named Roach". I was caught off guard alittle, but i fucking KILLED it that night, and I just said fuck it. ADJNAMEDROACH it is. But you can call me whatever you want, just don't call my sets boring.